Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Oasis Magazine Issue 11 - In Stores Now

The lomography camera is pointing at you!

In her debut at Oasis Magazine, Neama A. Al-Sudairy, an art-ographer that enjoys experimenting in the dark room and playing with different mediums, shows her creative wit on the cover and throughout this issue. After obtaining her BA in cultural anthropology from George Washington University, she took art courses and workshops in Boston, New York and Paris.

Al-Sudairy compares her artwork to: "an unplanned cruise in a car around busy streets in a foreign country." She says that she takes: "a big chance and I explore without any agenda. It's like you have no idea where you are, and you are getting lost along the way, and you are seeing things that are so beautiful that you are happy you are lost." And how does she end a piece? "All of a sudden, it is dusk and the sky has turned sepia tones, making it necessary to find my way back. It gets darker and the scenery has changed which alarms me a bit. I see old cemeteries, dilapidated houses, garden patches, and ancient wells that drew water for ages. I feel apprehensive, but the beauty I saw hours before stays in my head and I must put it down before it totally escapes me. I drive around and around looking for familiar landmarks, the anxiety builds up and then, I am on the right track. I have just spent precious moments creating an experience to cherish."

Check out Neama's other works throughout the 11th issue of Oasis.

Neama was one of the emerging artists chosen by Oasis Magazine's "O" art exhibition... Read more about the exhibition in the magazine and see more work from all the artists in O's catalogue below...

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